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I’ve been contacted three times this week by people who asked for resume writing help.  It’s remarkable that none of us has ever received any real education or “training” about how to write a resume . . . possibly the most important document you’ll ever have to write.  I always feel a great sense of satisfaction when I help a candidate present themselves in a compelling way to help them reach the goal of being hired for a job they really want! Career Success 2 4.18.24

The task of writing a resume is even more daunting, because your resume is likely being scanned by an “algorithm” as a first step, not a human!  Fundamentally, applying for a job online is almost a complete “waste of time”, because the results very, very, rarely are worth the amount of time spent or anxiety created . . . especially if you really, really want that job!
The online job application process is so broken that sometimes, the candidate doesn’t even receive a response that they’re no longer being considered.  It’s a nasty screwed up practice that is set up for the benefit of the employer, not the prospective candidate.  Do you even really want to work for a company that cares so little about their future employees?
There’s very little question or doubt about the fact that by far, your best approach to looking for a new job is through networking.  Talk with friends and colleagues and let them know that you’re open to a new opportunity.  If you want to work for a particular employer or brand, use LinkedIn to see if you know anyone who works at that company.  Ask them to please walk your resume to HR and say a good word about you . . .
When you apply online, if your resume is selected by the bot (algorithm), then you actually have to impress someone (likely in HR) that might be distracted by other tasks, or simply not really know what the job’s responsibilities entail.  It’s very, very difficult to succinctly say the right things and make someone want to actually talk to you about the job.  There’s a whole other set of interviewing best practices, if and when you get to that next step . . .
I take pride and get incredible professional satisfaction, when I’ve succeeded in helping someone take their next career step, or land the job of their dreams.  I consider myself lucky to be able to do resume and career consulting for as a profession!  Contact me to learn more . . .

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