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New Retained Search: Director of Account Services #21103

I'm very excited to have been trusted by my new St. Louis Client, to help them identify recruit and hire account management leaders.  We are ready to hire right now!  If you have a friend or colleague who you believe might be interested to hear more about this uncommon career opportunity, please have them get in touch.  I handle all inquiries with discretion and confidentiality.

About Our Client:
Our Client is a branding based, human business consultancy that helps organizations design integral solutions to crises of change. Acct. Dir. #2 11.22.21Using strategic foresight, creative communications, technology, human-centered design and organization strategy, they help leaders traverse the unknown, to create greater alignment, communication, systems, engagement and success. Our Client’s growing team provides comprehensive and sustainable solutions, guiding their clients to embrace marcom driven, technology-enabled strategies to improve their business.
They wonder, if their Clients’ culture is working, are they building leaders for the future?  Seeing the possibility of the future can (should?) drive the goals and aspirations . . . the futurist piece gives our Client an unusual and a very cool foundation for talking to their Clients about how they see their business.  The approach is different, it’s powerful and it’s effective!

This is an opportunity to work remotely.

How Our Client Describes Their Need:
Have you ever wanted to have the opportunity shape an organization or brand strategy from start to finish?  Are you someone whose ideas are very innovative, but weren’t taken seriously enough previously?  You’ll have autonomy, a chance to work with people who take the time to understand what’s strategically smart about what you have to say.

We’re after someone who has a deep set of knowledge and experiences. How can you help shape the Client experience?  We want curiosity about the work.  It’s about true collaboration fostering a deeper understanding.  We do our best work when we collaborate and have an appreciation for everyone’s ideas.  We need someone who’s an experienced business practice leader.  Someone who has a vision for how we manage client services, what works and what doesn’t. 

We need someone who’s a strategic thinker.  Someone who can establish our business practice of Client Management and Development.  This person will be leading the Client Service team. We want a people person, a developer of people.

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