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Executive Recruiting is Very Professionally Rewarding!

I’m very thankful to be able to continue doing the work that I love so much.  The last year and a half has been really busy with diverse clients engaging my services for very different reasons.  My company’s name is Bishop Partners, because I enjoy partnering with senior executives for both agencies and brands, to help them build, expand or reinforce their marketing capacity.  The level of clients’ trust in my work has grown, as has my reputation, earned over two decades of hard work and respecting others.
Last year, I had the opportunity to help a privately held company build an internal marketing department from scratch.  Executive Search 2 1.15.24The owner didn’t think the agency they were using was worth the expense, so he decided to build his own.  We started with identifying and hiring a Director of Marketing.  Once that leader was identified and hired, I worked with them to hire a Social Media Manager, a Digital Asset Designer/Developer, Manager of Automation/Analytics, Sr. Copywriter, a Product Specialist, Media Buyer, PPC/SEM Specialist, UX Accessibility Designer & Developer and an Account Manager.  It’s been fun and very professionally satisfying to work so closely with a client for so long on such a critical project!
I’m thankful that my reputation and national network continues to evolve and encourage marketers of every discipline and experience level (from Jr. Designers to CEOs), to confidentially get in touch to ask for my help in identifying their next career opportunity.  Over the years, when a client (new or existing) needs a particular skill at a particular level of experience and compensation, I can introduce multiple existing candidates immediately.  Hybrid and remote work has dramatically expanded that capability.
So, I just want to say thank you to all of you for your support and friendship, either personally, professionally or both!  For my Clients, my 10K LinkedIn Contacts and 11K national marketers in my database, consistently prove to be an invaluable referral resource for identifying and recruiting premier performers for my clients.
It’s all very rewarding!  I love what I do and love being able to continue doing it.  Thank you for your friendship and support! Also thank you for your continuing referrals of colleagues or employers!  Enjoy your day!

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